Adventures two dimensions

This unfinished epic drawing still sort of blows my mind (another late 2016). I undertook a very daunting 9 x 12 inch blank page and somehow just kept going with it for hours, and maybe days? I don’t quite remember. It was incredibly satisfying, but the more I added, the more scared I got that my next idea would suck, so eventually I had to quit while I was ahead. Still, I love this piece because in it I can see a lot of potential, the fact that my brain is indeed filled with ideas without end. And yes, some of them will suck.

Micron pen and marker on Bristol white paper. 2016. Margaret Trias

While I do love this sprawling style, I’m going to focus on smaller pieces with a more coherent pattern for now, just for the sake of getting into a sustainable and productive rhythm and not burn myself out.

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